Natalia Dudinskaya


I first saw Rudik when he was still at Ballet School. Even then, I could tell he possessed an exceptional feeling for style and form and that, being so young. It was all obviously due to his natural talent. A boy just arrived from Bashkiria − where on earth did he get such a feeling for beauty, such a feeling for music? But thats what truly was like. By the time he finished Ballet School, he was already a completely ballet dancer. He arrived at the Kirov and immediately began dancing brilliantly. And, seeing all these qualities, I took the risk of asking him to dance Laurentia with me. I have very happy memories of that Laurentia which I danced with Rudolf. I gave up a little piece of my heart to him. For its impossible to dance with someone and at the same time remain indifferent to that person. I have many photographs of Rudolf and me dancing together. He was more that just a dancer: he was an actor, a great actor.


And when we travelled to Paris and danced together at the dress rehearsal, everyone there was absolutely stunned. It was a show stopper, s colossal success. The audience was in an absolute frenzy of delight.

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